Through childhood sports, high school athletics, racing motocross, and over 20 years in the military, I have pushed my body to and sometimes past it's limits. I have been "old school" much of life to where I go on with the pain knowing it would get better at some point. Now I am to the point where something hurts all the time. One session with Kristi being massage or NRT, the pain is gone. I am very proud of what she has accomplished and amazed at the dedication she has to helping others.

R. Thompson


I had pain in my elbow that would not go away for over a month. Kristi explained to me that it may be more than just simple "tennis elbow". Through NRT and in twenty minutes the pain was gone! I can't thank Kristi enough for helping me get back the mobility and pain free movement in my elbow.

I highly recommend giving Southside Massage a try. You will NOT be disappointed!!

C. Nielson


Kristi ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  For a wonderful treatment yesterday.  I woke up this morning with NO back pain.  This is a first for many months.  And am feeling joyous and energetic today.  I am so looking forward to my next treatment 

Life feels good again.  What a difference it makes to have such a wonderful healing massage.  I am so grateful that I met you and your healing talent.




Great massage! I needed my back loosened up before running our food truck tonight and she was able to take care of it! Great atmosphere and great massage! Well worth the money.

Z. Elliott